Answering Virtual Gala questions, from Z to A.



Z)   Bidding platforms - embedding video into bidding platform.

Y)   Viewing platforms - some have limitations - some can include breakout rooms.

X)   Tech teams per region of the country to simulcast multiple video streams.

W)   Timeline - condensing 3-hour event into 30 minutes - we can show you how.

V)   Event planners - helping to stage manage the flow of show.

U)   Scripting - we help edit your message to hit hearts as fast as possible.

T)   Fund A Need - load this up early in the timeline, committed bidders is more crucial than ever.

S)   Live Auction - these need to be “closed out” vs “sold” and I can tell you why on our call.

R)   Tech support - coaching on dedicated chat room support.

Q)   Continue to make your event Donor Centric - meals, give aways, video access, and more.


P)   Work with a teleprompter.
O)   Ear piece for real-time reporting of donations - bid platforms currently have a delay.
N)   Stretch when bidding stalls - no one knows how to stretch like a stand up comic!
M)   At home in front of lights and cameras - maintaining donors' attention when they are at home.
L)   Real-time interaction with donors - responding in real time on video to chat room questions.

Why Zan Auctions is your best fit:

K)   Competitive pricing .
J)   Member of a national think tank leading the discussion on Virtual Galas.
I )   10 years background as stand up comic .
H)   Licensed Auctioneer focused on Benefit Galas both Live and Virtual .
G) - A)   Give us a ring today to learn how we can save you time, and still break records.

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