Charity Benefit Fundraising

Charity Benefit Fundraising


“Best Auctioneer we’ve ever had!”

Thank you so much for Saturday night and all of your hard work. The feedback has been amazing and people loved what you did, thought you were entertaining, feisty, fun and had a lot of energy. Best auctioneer we’ve ever had! Thank you and hopefully we will see you again next year!

Deb, Private School, Saratoga, CA

“…positive energy…”

Everybody had a blast last night and we were in the numbers we are usually which is really fantastic. Our crowd enjoyed the positive energy Zan brought on stage. You did a very good job.
I strongly feel your personality is a very good match to our crowd.

Dorith, Private School, Redwood City, CA

“…fantastic to work with…”

Thank you Zan! It was a spectacular night and there's been lots of positive feedback and excitement flowing from guests and leadership since Saturday night. You were fantastic to work with. Huge thanks from me for everything you did to make us look good. I hope our paths cross again in the near future!

Danielle, National Organization, San Francisco, CA

…”best ever…phenomenal success…”

Congratulations to everyone, and the entire event committee on "the best ever" and "phenomenal success" evening. However, the quote I felt captured the evening was the one I heard most often - "I had fun!". Not something you typically hear at a school fund raiser.You were a great team and more importantly because of your efforts, our school will continue to do "great things for kids"!

Yasher, Private School, San Francisco, CA

“…fabulous auction - beyond our imagination…”

We are still are on cloud 9 over here! What a night! Zan, you were so wonderful, funny, and worked so well with the MC! It was such a fabulous auction - beyond our imagination. I had several people tell me that they loved that if was all inclusive and the energy and excitement went all they way through to the end. We can’t thank you enough for all your support and expertise!

Karen, Private School, San Francisco, CA

 …”couldn’t be happier.”

Thank you so much for your work with our Fund-A-Need. You did a fantastic job; we couldn’t be happier. You were fantastic!

Michele, National Organization, San Francisco, CA

…”Zan is amazing…”

Everything went VERY WELL. Zan is amazing and a star. Everybody was raving about her. So she is our gal now and we would like to have her again next year. I will get a date for next year soon so you can reserve the best girl for us, Zan Aufderheide!!! I can’t wait to see what we can do next year. BTW Zan is our star. EVERYONE loved her!!

Vera, Cancer Foundation, Fremont, CA

“…you rocked it…”

We are thrilled and Zan worked a VERY tough crowd. Thank you Zan – you rocked it and are a delight to work with each year!

Marcy, Private School, Santa Barbara, CA

“…fabulous job…”

Zan, you did an absolutely fabulous job for us Saturday night!!!! The audience was complimenting us on our auctioneer, even as you were lifting their wallets out of their purses. Now that’s a real feat. Zan, you conveyed our need flawlessly and with real conviction. And they responded. Thank you so very much from all of us.

Bart, Housing Crisis, San Mateo, CA

“…beat last year’s numbers…”

We loved working with Zan and would be pleased to work with her again.
The night went very well and we are still computing the numbers. I am confident saying that we beat last year’s numbers. I would be happy to refer to friends and colleagues and I am sure many will ask as there are not many good folks in our area who can do this type of work.

Linda, Cancer Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

…”fantastic…team player attitude.”

Zan was fantastic! She was present, fun and ready. She definitely made a difference! I appreciate all her strengths and her team player attitude. I really enjoyed how she can do just about anything to get the job done. I just wanted to share that Zan was a great choice for us.

She was fantastic! It was such a pleasure and also peace of mind to have you on board. Our team is recovering from all the work and all the fun! I wanted to personally tell you Zan that it was fabulous to have you this year!

Nicole, Private School, Placerville, CA

..."Zan was great."


Zan was great. She left no stone unturned, and was speaking to a tough crowd! The first two live auction items were a tough sell and it was hard to get the crowd into it. But, she pulled everyone in and was really fun. I only heard great reviews. Zan handled it beautifully and went as quickly as she could without crushing the momentum. Again, Zan was great. I'd definitely use her again!

Maria, Animal Society, Sacramento, CA

 “…thrilled with the results…”

Zan did great, stepping right in and taking over. We were thrilled with the results! We made at least $50,000 over budget. It was amazing. Zan did a great job with our Silent Auction announcements. She did our closing perfectly. Thank you so much for your services! I hope the women who came to view our Fund a Need booked their event with you.

Carolyn, Historic Society, San Francisco, CA

The evening was a HUGE success. Zan was wonderful. She has such great energy and was a large part of what made the night so successful! I hope she will be available for next year!

Adrian, Private School, Oakland, CA

Zan is an incredible auctioneer! with her positive energy, elegant command of the stage, and quick-witted since of humor she keeps the audience engaged and clients happy with her fundraising results.”

Lori LoCicero Founder and Editor in Chief at Life Revised

“…never had so much fun spending money…”

I speak for our students, dean, faculty, staff and our committee--We all thank you so much for so your time, expertise, talent, and great heart, for coaching us through the of months planning the event, reworking things during our dress rehearsal, training our students & volunteers to be effective spotters, your from-the-heart remarks about the Theatre and Dance family, and then your amazing live auction talent--wow, you were on fire! I had many people come up to me and say they never had so much fun spending money! Our first Artists of the Future fundraiser was big a success and you were central to that success.

Eva, Faculty, University California San Diego

On behalf of the team, I just wanted to say Thank You for your work on last week's event! Your personal comments most certainly added to the emotion and meaning of the evening. We appreciate that you were willing to share your story for the benefit of our organization. Thank you again for your time and effort on our behalf, Zan!

Carolyn, Mental Health Organization, San Francisco, CA

Such a great night! Thank you again for your energy and experience. We're still working on official numbers, but it's looking very positive and I'm confident we exceeded our goal.

We'll get our calendars together over here and be in touch.

Danielle, Private School, Oakland, CA

Thanks for the very positive feedback and thoughts for next year. Everyone was so impressed with your auctioneer role and overall management of the event. We were very fortunate to have you as a part of our event team.

Gil, Youth Services, Anaheim, CA

“…thrilled to have you on the team…”

Your quick wit, infectious energy and seemingly bottomless lungs (!) lifted us to new heights last night. Thanks to your strategy sessions and careful attention to every step in the process, we were able to pull in roughly $70K more than we raised in the combined auction and paddle raise last year. An amazing gain for our organization. It has been a pleasure working with you and we are thrilled to have you on the team! Thank you for raising the game for centers on both coasts. I have a feeling we'll have you zig-zagging the country for years to come!

Shawn, National Organization, Los Angeles, CA

Everybody really enjoyed your work, so professional, entertaining and talented! Thank you SO MUCH once again for being truly invested in our cause and caring, helping, and guiding us along the way!

Irina, Private School, Brentwood, CA

Zan, you did a terrific job last night. We did great, and people loved you. I appreciate all you did to prepare and guide us!

Sharon, Landmark Society, Indianapolis, IN